Don't Let Circumstances Define You!

It started in March of this year. The emotional ups and downs, so much uncertainty, and paralyzing fear for so many. School closures, competition and contest cancellations, theaters and entertainment venues closed, church services suspended...and everything else that came to a screeching halt including...our confidence.

It has at times, felt dark and ominous in our communities - void of hope! Yet with every dark cloud, I believe that there is a silver lining! I have hope that with every trial, there is an opportunity that may not have been there before!

We can call this time a pause or a reset, but the truth is that the lasting effects of the Coronavirus pandemic has left its indelible fingerprints on the way that we are used to doing life. At the same time, it has given us yet another chance to choose to make changes for a better life. Some people like the word “reimagine”! Either way, we may not have chosen the circumstances but we get to choose our response!

Like many of you, there are many questions about the way that I live my life moving forward from here. Here are three specific questions that I have been asking myself as I reevaluate where I am and where I want to be on the other side of this.

1-Who/What matters most to me?

2-How do I live this out?

3-Why is it important to know the answers to these questions?

The way that I answer these questions will determine my commitment to next steps, test my integrity moving forward, and assign value to those answers. I know this may sound cliche, but circumstances don’t have to define me, but they can make me bitter OR better! I choose better!

We are living through this together in that we are experiencing some of the same limitations and definite frustrations, but your responses may be different than mine.

I encourage you to ask yourself these same questions.

Consider the possibilities and potential that could be when you apply positive action to your answers.

I challenge you (like I do myself) to keep away from the temptation to complain your way around the issues! This solves or serves nothing good!

Choose to focus on workable solutions and more importantly, celebrate the milestones!

It is so easy to focus on the negatives and even be consumed by them if we are not careful! In all of the news reports and statistical data there have been many things missing from our media, political leaders on every level, and even us:

*The gratitude for the willing successes and sacrifices the people of our nation have made to “flatten the curve”!

*The celebration of the research and medical breakthroughs that have moved us quickly to lifesaving treatments!

*The appreciation toward companies that took major risks and adapted their factories to make medical supplies, hand sanitizer, and other necessary changes to serve us in our time of need!

*The respect for leadership in many various collaborative efforts to keep our nation moving forward for the good of our people and our neighbors in need around the world!

There are always opportunities to find fault, place blame, magnify imperfections, or criticize differences of opinion. That burns bridges and feeds hostility and disunity!

Let’s take the higher road by solving the problems, working in a way that compliments each other, minimizing the mistakes, and celebrating the good things we have accomplished together! Let’s build bridges in our homes, relationships, communities, and nations creating peace, harmony and unity!